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AsA 4 x 8.08ft (1.22 x 2.46m) wood shear wall undergoing test part of academic work, tested sixteen 4 x 8.08ft (1.22 x 2.46m) wood shear walls both monotonically and cyclically under three different sheething nail spacings. Some walls were incorporated with rods & boots to resist seismic and wind loads. Tested twelve 8 x 8.08ft (2.44 x 2.46m) walls also under three different nail spacings. For the dynamic-displacement protocol of these 8 x 8.08ft (2.44 x 2.46m) walls, two different filtered EQ records were used. The core of the thesis was the development of a mechanistic seismic damage model based on a retrofit of Park & Ang's (1985) damage equation for concrete connections. In simpler terms; working on an equation that quantifies structural damage after the occurrence of an earthquake.

MTS Hydraulic Actuators
MTS Servocontrollers
MTS Multi-channel Manifolds
Tektronix Power Module

AlsoA few pre-cast slabs tested double-T concrete beams in-flange connectors which are mostly found in bridges and parking structures. These connectors are used to attach one double-T beam to another by the use of welds. A total of seven tests for each of six connectors were performed. The connectors were tested in 4 x 36 x 38in (10.16 x 91.44 x 96.52cm) pre-cast sample slabs. For all the above mentioned projects, DASYLab was used for both signal generation and data acquisition.

Honeywell Sensotec Pancake Load Cells
Honeywell Sensotec Signal Conditioner-Indicator
Honeywell Sensotec LVDTs
Microstar Laboratories Analog Termination Board

DesignedThe Self-Reacting Frame (SRF) the new-addition, seen in railroad red, to the Self-Reacting Frame (SRF), seen in safety yellow, in I-deas. The SRF is equiped with two 55kip (244.65kN) hydraulic actuators having 10in (25.4cm) of stroke. Have also designed the fixture providing the three different test positions for the T-beams concrete specimens.

Milwaukee Cylinder Low Pressure Hydraulic Cylinder
Milwaukee Cylinder Pneumatic Cylinder - Aluminum
Prince Manufacturing Hydraulic Cylinder
CyberResearch Multiplexing Mounting Panel

Solid model of the SRF in I-deas View of 407 controllers and computer Another view of the SRF

A detail showing an 8 x 8.08ft (2.44 x 2.46m) wall Third view of the SRF Last view of the SRF