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Research Engineer - 2010-Present
Michigan Technological University
Houghton, MI - 49931 - USA

Employed by the Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering involved in testing, analysis, and report writing. Also maintaining, operating, and repairing hydraulic actuators, servo-controllers, manifolds, linear variable differential transformers, load-cells, data collecting hardware and software, and various other pieces of equipment for the graduate and undergraduate laboratories. As a highlight, part of a research team that worked on a project titled “Bridge Condition Assessment Using Remote Sensors” – $2.8M over 2-years for the United States Department of Transportation Research and Innovative Technologies Administration Commercial Remote Sensors and Spatial Information Program.

Design Engineer - 2009-Present
Solution Key Engineering
Calumet, MI - 49913 - USA

Uniquely-approached, engineering-based, assertive problem-solving ranging from digging-a-hole to building-a-spaceship. As a highlight, from 2009 to 2011, worked with U.P. Engineers & Architects, Yalmer Mattila Contracting, and the Arts Council as a design team member in the planning of a sustainable renovation of the Community Arts Center. The Arts Council was awarded a grant of $60,000 from the Kresge Foundation for the planning of a LEED certified re-model. Focusing on smart space management and low building maintenance. Certified Passive House Consultant by PHIUS.

Domestic Engineer - 2008-2010
Family Business Incorporated
Calumet, MI - 49913 - USA

Stay-at-home parent with cooking, cleaning, discipline, and general survival experience. Self-taught psychologist with avid negotiating skills. Worked on a program presenting the bottom-line of updating boilers/furnaces when considering efficiency, heat-loss, cost, rate-of-return, inflation, and life-cycle. Also learned how to use Pro/ENGINEER and RETScreen during spare time.

Primary- & Secondary-Teacher - 2005-2008
Public Schools of Calumet-Laurium-Keweenaw
Calumet, MI - 49913 - USA

Substitute teacher with the Copper Country Intermediate School District in Baraga, Houghton, and Keweenaw County schools for elementary-, middle-, and high-school students. Instructional experience with mathematics, sciences, foreign languages, and special education including cognitive impaired children.

Engineer on Sabbatical - 2004-2005
On the Road
North-, Central-, & South-America

Took a year-long sabbatical to travel from the US to Brazil with my wife. Made it from Michigan to central Brazil by land and water, without taking a single plane - 146 buses, 20 cars, 17 trains, 12 boats, and one bike. We crossed 16 borders between the US and Brazil. Please see website if you are at all curious about our voyage.

Research- & Test-Engineer - 2003-2004
Michigan Technological University
Houghton, MI - 49931 - USA

Took part in setting-up a laboratory to conduct material-characteristics research – a temporary position with Michigan Tech's Aggregate Institute. Lab was created to run various experiments (e.g. resonant-column and triaxial-cell) to measure resilient modulus and damping characteristic of many aggregates and other materials.

Graduate Research Assistant - 2001-2003
Michigan Technological University
Houghton, MI - 49931 - USA

Involved in structural test-&-analysis research with full-size wood shear walls under monotonic, reverse-cyclic, and dynamic-displacement loading. Developed an equation (a mechanistic seismic damage model) that quantifies structural damage after the occurrence of an earthquake. Also tested double-T concrete beams in-flange connectors under similar loading conditions.

Design Engineer - 1999-2001
Johnson Controls Incorporated
Plymouth, MI - 48170 - USA

Participated in the design of the ‘01 Ford F-150/250/350 complete seats' "skeletons" or frames. Converted standard 'B-Pillar' safety-belt connection to 'ISS' (all-belts-to-seat) affixing while making sound design enhancements. Also worked on the preliminary design of the ‘05 Ford F-Series and Excursion.

Design Engineer - 1994-1998
Grand Haven Stamped Products
Grand Haven, MI - 49417 - USA

Employed by a floor-mounted rod- & cable-actuated transmission-shifter supplier. Part of a two-man engineering team, during three periods with GHSP, devoted to the design of the automatic shifter for the 1998 Honda Accord. Engineered the preliminary design of the automatic shifter for the ‘99 Dodge Neon & the ‘00 Chrysler PT Cruiser.

Assistant Engineer - 1992
Metal Leve Industria & Comércio
São Paulo, SP - 04746 - BR

Worked side-by-side with the engineers of Metal Leve do Brasil (MAHLE-Gruppe), one of the world's largest manufacturers of auto-pistons and journal-bearings. During my internship at ML, analyzed & interpreted dynamometer test-data from different pistons, piston-rings, & con-rods combinations for the ‘93 FIAT Tempra.